Our company offers a wide range of primary, secondary, and tertiary wipers as well as effective plough wipers, drum wipers, and roller wipers from Sandvik company. These wipers are designed to keep the conveyor belt, drums, roller, and the small roller as clean as possible and thereby prolong their service life.
Limiting leakage promotes efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, improves safety, and prolongs the service life of the conveyor belt. The prolonged service life translates to considerable savings in operations costs. Making the right choice of the wiper for your conveyor reduces material leakage by up to 95%..

Primary wipers
Primary wiper strips are installed on the drive drum and are responsible for the removal of the bulk of the material sticking to the conveyor belt. Sandvik wipers are easy to install and maintain, and wiper blades are made from various materials depending on the blade type.


Secondary Wipers
Secondary belt wipers are designed to be installed immediately after the driving drum to remove fine material sticking to the belt. The secondary belt wipers are usually located behind the tangent at the point where the belt leaves the driving drum and are responsible for the final cleaning of the belts.


Tertiary Wipers
Tertiary wipers remove the glued material that still remains on the belt after previous cleaners. These wipers use limited mechanical down-force to clean the belt which means less wear and tear on the belt.


Plough Wipers
Plough wipers are installed on the non-operational side of the conveyor belt in front of the reversing drums to prevent the ingress of transported material between the belt and the drum and thus prevent damage to the belt.



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