Sandvik abrasion-resistant plates provide versatile wear protection and are easily customizable to meet the operation needs ranging from light to extremely heavy.

Type                Description                                          width            length                     thickness

WT6000        rubber with steel plate     500-1400mm    1000-3000mm    10-150mm
WT6000        rubber with aluminum profile    500-750mm    1500mm    50-100mm
WT6000        corrugated rubber            750mm        1500mm    50/12,5mm – 150/05mm
WT6000        rubber with steel mesh        1270mm    3000mm    10-30mm
WT6000        rubber rod            50-150mm    1000 a 1500mm    50-150mm
WT7000        double hardness rubber    300mm        1200mm    30-50mm
WT8000        polyurethane with steel plate    1000-1500mm    2000-3000mm    10-30mm
WT8000        polyurethane with steel mesh    1020mm    2020mm    10-20mm

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