Sandvik abrasion-resistant rolls,  made of high quality materials, are characterized by a long service life. They are easily customizable to meet the needs of light and medium-hard operations where flexibility is required and are suitable for use in plants with sharp and crushed material as well as in wet applications.

Type                 Description               width         length          thickness

WG4000        black rubber            1500mm    10000mm    5-20mm
WG6000        black rubber            1500mm    10000mm    3-25mm
WG6000        black rubber            1500mm    5000mm    35-50mm
WG3500        red rubber                1400mm    10000mm    3 a 5mm
WG3500        red rubber                1400mm    5000mm     10-30mm
WG8000        polyurethane           1000mm    2000mm      5-30mm
WG1000        polyethylene            1000mm    2000mm      6-30mm
WG2000        polyethylene            1000mm    2000mm      6-30mm

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