Mine electric locomotives with a contact wire are intended for transportation of people and materials on a horizontal surface, mainly in the mines and open spaces, in the environment without the danger of explosion of coal dust or methane. They are certified in accordance with European safety standards and meet their requirements. Trolley locomotives can be used to work on the rail cloth with slopes up to 35 ‰, with a gauge of from 500 to 900 mm, under conditions of ambient temperature -10 to +40 ºC.

Locomotives have single cabin and weighing from 5 to 20 tons. The cabin is removable, which greatly facilitates their transport to the underground workings. Three-phase asynchronous motors with power from 30 kW to 2x75 kW have external cooling system and require virtually no maintenance. The speed and torque of the motors are controlled by frequency Converter. The transmission of torque moment from the electric motor is through the axle gearbox to travel wheels. Chassis - dual-axle type, the driving wheel equipped with a replaceable rims. Braking of the locomotive is carried out by two independent systems on both axles: electrodynamic and mechanical.

EE90  EE120 
Weight (t)  13,5 20
Max. power of the engine (kW)  2x45  2x60 
Max. traction (kN)  37 50
Max. speed ( km.h-1)  18 20
Type of the engine
three phase asynchronous
three phase asynchronous
Wheel track R (mm)  900 750-900 
Min. oblúk koľaje   (m)  18 16,5
Axles 2/2 2/2
Overall length of the locomotive   (mm)  4900 5500
Overall width (mm)  1300 1300
Height of the locomotive  (mm)  1650 1800
Axle base (mm)  1500 1700
Wheel diameter  (mm)  550 680
Rail clearance (mm)  90 120
Rail clearance of the hitch (mm)  based on customer requirements
Height of trolley line (mm)  1800-2600  2200+/-200 


Further specifications can be found here.

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