Ground locomotives are designed for horizontal rail transport, mainly in open workings. They are certified in accordance with European safety standards and meet their requirements. Ground locomotives can be used to work on the rail cloth with slopes up to 35‰, with gauge width from 500mm to 1067mm, under conditions of ambient temperature from-35 to +40 ºC.

Locomotives of compact design have single cabin, weighing from 5 to 22 tons. Raised cabin provides an unobstructed view in both directions of movement. The locomotives are equipped with diesel engines with a capacity of 35 kW to 250 kW. Hydrostatic transmission is used to transmit torque moment from the engine to the gear axle, which provides smooth operation throughout the speed range, by means of a single lever. Chassis - dual-axle type: transmission on a second axle is assured by inter-axle cardan shaft. Wheels fitted with replaceable rims. The locomotive braking is performed through two independent systems, on both axles: hydraulically and mechanically.

DNH-1-5-35K DNH 18-250
Weight (t)  5 18-22
Wheel track R  (mm)  900 600-1060
Min. curve radius  (m)  10 25
Axles 2/2 2/2
Max. traction  (kN)  14 60
Max. speed  ( km.h-1)  13 25
Max. power of engine (kW)  39 250
Type of diesel engine
John Deere Deutz
Hydraulic system
Rexroth Rexroth
Overall length of the locomotive   (mm)  3515 6300
Overall width without moulding   (mm)  1050 1800
Height (mm)  2100 2900
Axle base (mm)  1100 2400
Wheel diameter (mm)  450 800
Rail clearance (mm)  80 160
Rail clearance of the hitch (mm) based on customer requirements


Further technical specifications can be found here.

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